Spirit Drivers Mastermind


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Explode external expectations

Access your inner voice

Finally take action on your authentic goals


Does this sound familiar?

You’ve fulfilled society’s expectations and checked all the boxes


You excel at work, have great friends and family, and hobbies you enjoy


Yet, you still feel unfulfilled


You know there is something more inside of you to share with the world


And have untapped potential that you haven’t expressed

Imagine your life 5 years from now…

Scenario 1

continue down the same path, living up to external expectations and old conditioning

Scenario 2

start listening to the secret dreams that have been calling you and taking consistent action

Which path will you choose?

Spirit Drivers Mastermind is a 1-year, transformational journey for high-achieving professionals to tune into your spirit calling, create a step-by-step action plan for your extraordinary life, and take consistent action

The #1 regret of the dying is:

“I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, and not what others expected of me.”

Spirit Drivers is a place to create that life for yourself.


A Mastermind Group is a community that comes together to grow together. It’s a group of peers who meet consistently to help each other achieve their goals by making step-by-step plans and holding each other accountable

What You Get

A complete 1-year transformative experience. Four phases to envision and live your extraordinary life and career based on your spirit calling instead of external expectations and past conditioning.


During your membership, you’ll receive mentoring, personal and professional development training, and coaching — all to help you build your extraordinary life.


And most importantly, you’ll get close support, brainstorming, and accountability from the mastermind members and facilitators.

  • Weekly Mastermind Calls in a safe space with an exclusive, committed community so you feel seen, heard, and valued as your authentic self 


  • One 20-minute Driver’s Seat session every month, per member, so you can get your questions answered and keep making progress on your path


  • Meditation and centering on every call, so you can access your inner self on a regular basis 


  • Four sequential skill-building phases to map your future, so you feel guided every step of the way


  • Quarterly 1:1 Coaching: space held for you every quarter, so you know you’re moving in the right direction


  • Accountability partners & group accountability (double accountability), so you keep taking action, no matter what


  • Personal and professional development learning content, so you keep building your self-awareness and practical skill base 


  • Curated series of books to support your journey, so you stay inspired


  • Network of deep relationships, so you stay intimately connected in a community of international like-minds


Every Wednesday on Zoom

10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET / 7:00 PM CET


What you’ll master during your membership

What issues prevent you from realizing your authentic goals?


Over the course of a year, you’ll:


  • let go of external expectations and limiting beliefs

  • envision your extraordinary life based on your spirit calling

  • build your roadmap and action plans to achieve your goals

  • create and integrate effective habits 

  • take action and redesign based on what you learn along the way 

  • experience self-mastery









Phase 1: Honor where you’ve been

Complete a life and career audit


  • 3 months to go deep on who you are and where you are now

  • Take a realistic look at what’s going on with you in all areas of your life

  • Acknowledge and celebrate what’s working 

  • Understand and shift what’s not working

  • Experience the price of the choices and actions you’ve made up to now

Phase 2: Map where you’re going

Define your vision and purpose, and map new possibilities


  • 3 months to dream big, broad, and bold

  • Get in touch with your inner voice and values

  • Define what your extraordinary life looks like

  • Clarify your purpose and how it will guide you forward

  • Craft your plan for personal satisfaction in your career, relationships with others, relationship with self

  • Identify your most important and effective habits 

Phase 3: Take actions to make it real

Explore options, opportunities, and obstacles


  • 3 months to take the first steps on your action plan

  • Extend your network to open doors and opportunities 

  • Apply for your dream roles, start your company, or launch your project

  • Have relationship-shifting conversations 

  • Be held accountable for your action steps

Phase 4: Integrate habits for an extraordinary life

Integrate and launch


  • 3 months to take consistent action on your plan with triple accountability 

  • Master the habits that will take you where you want to go

  • Troubleshoot and redesign with the help of the mastermind


We started masterminding at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic


When the world was flooded with uncertainty and turmoil—Spirit Drivers co-founders Gregg and Elise came together across time zones and took a stand.


We believe:

    • living a life true to yourself takes courage, and it’s worth it

    • you never stop growing

    • it’s never too late to take action on your soul goals

    • we’re better together

    • masterminding is one of the best ways to achieve your goals

It’s up to each of us to create our extraordinary lives every single day. By elevating our spirits, we can stay present to the gifts and opportunities of life.


You don’t have to do it alone. We’re better when we work together.


Since we started Spirit Drivers, our members have…

    • bought a sailboat

    • grown their side hustle

    • launched new businesses

    • started painting again

    • grieved lost parents

    • discovered their purpose

    • built their personal brand

    • become managers and built their teams

      • been kinder to their colleagues

      • spoken to their inner child

      • overcome imposter syndrome

      • written blogs

      • landed new jobs

      • healed their relationship with their mom

      • become a certified calisthenics trainer

It’s up to each of us to create our extraordinary lives every single day. By elevating our spirits, we can stay present to the gifts and opportunities of life.


You don’t have to do it alone. We’re better when we work together.


“The Spirit Drivers program was an amazing experience. Elise and Gregg are great teachers. They truly care about helping people maximizing their potential. 5-star review!”

“Spirit Drivers is an excellent tool for professional (and personal) growth. The community you develop with your group and the feedback available not only from them but from the leaders of the program are invaluable. The program is a shot in the arm of encouragement and direction.”

“Elise and Gregg bring together a masterful experience for both personal and professional growth. From mindfulness to accountability and weekly challenges, I felt I had not only a powerful toolset to work from, but tangible elements and a supportive group to implement into my daily life. With world and personal events of 2020, I felt I needed guidance and mentorship to lead me on a positive path into this “next normal” – this gave me just that. Highly recommend and already looking forward to the next session!”


Elise Dorsett

Elise is a Certified Transformational Life Coach dedicated to creating joy, purposeful work, and harmony in the world.

She supports people in finding their purpose and taking their best next professional step. Elise’s supportive yet direct coaching style, meditations, and strategies have helped an international community of clients to transform their relationship with themselves and their work. 

Elise is a 2010 graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, where she graduated with honors and a double major in Psychology and Spanish. Prior to becoming a coach, she worked in Business Intelligence for Danone South America in Buenos Aires and for many years as the Director of Brand Research at a branding agency for open source tech companies. In addition to running her private coaching practice, she facilitates both digital and in-person workshops, dances Argentine tango, writes, and holds a leadership role in her local Toastmasters club in Zurich. She has lived, worked, and taught across the U.S., South America, and Europe. Elise speaks Italian, Spanish, and English.

Gregg Gerdau

Gregg Gerdau is a serial entrepreneur, high technology executive and management advisor with significant experience in leadership, financial management and innovation development. He has been a member of C-level executive teams responsible for business and operational development in technology driven companies of all sizes, worldwide.

Gregg is the founder and Managing Partner of Matador Advisors, founder and Community Director of Carolina Coworking and Director, Strategic Innovation for DVI Communications. He previously worked with early-stage companies as COO of Solid Art Labs, co-Founder and CEO of MotiveLogic, CIO for Assurz, Founder and CEO of Intelor, and Chief Information Officer for Angara. Gregg’s career also includes SVP & CIO for Nvest Companies L.P. (one of the largest publicly traded investment management firms in America), Vice President at Goldman, Sachs & Co. for over a decade, and senior management positions with Computer Horizons Corp., The Reserve Fund, Institutional Investor and Network Analysis Corp. He is a frequent speaker, writer, mentor, thought leader and facilitator.


Spirit Drivers Mission

Empowering our members to live in alignment with their highest purpose by facilitating transformative mastermind experiences

Spirit Drivers Vision

Spirit Drivers have the clarity to know what they truly want, the courage to take action, the accountability to follow through, and the support to thrive

Keep Your Spirit Tuned

With the magic of the mastermind designed to uplift your spirit and support your vision

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you meet?

  • Every week 

How long is each meeting?

  • 90 minutes

When are the meetings?

  • Wednesdays at 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET / 19:00 CET

What’s the time commitment outside of meetings?

  • 30 minutes to 1 hour of accountability time per week, depending on agreement with your accountability partner

  • 1 to 2 hours of reflecting, planning, or action per week 

What kind of people are in the group?

  • High achievers who are letting go of expectations and conditioning in favor of listening and acting on their authentic spirit desires 

  • People who are committed to creating an “extraordinary life”

What are the benefits?

  • See the benefits list below

How much does it cost?

  • $12,000 annually

Is there a payment plan?

  • $12,000 pay-in-full 

  • $3,375 quarterly

  • $1,250 monthly

Is there a guarantee?

  • You will get out of the group what you put into it. If, at the end of the year, you can show that you have completed all assignments, attended most masterminds, checked in weekly with your accountability partner, and are not satisfied with your results, we can discuss a partial or full refund. 

What if I don’t like it? Can I leave? Is there a refund?

  • We will check in every quarter to make sure you are on track. If the experience does not meet your expectations, you may exit the group after 60 days of letting us know

What can I expect to achieve by the end of the year?

  • The ability to distinguish your spirit voice and calling from external forces and conditions

  • Clarity about where you stand, the habits and choices that got you to where you are

  • Clarity about your vision and purpose

  • An action plan for following through on the projects that make up your extraordinary life

  • Practicing new habits that lead you down the path of your extraordinary life 

  • Built a group of life-long friends and connections 

How are you going to hold me accountable?

  • We have triple accountability: quarterly check-in with Elise and Gregg, group accountability, and accountability partners 

How is this different from other groups?

  • The mastermind is a safe space where you can bring any topic to the group for mentoring, ideas, and support 

How is this different from coaching?

  • In coaching, the coach is responsible for asking you questions so that you can access your inner wisdom and challenging you to go beyond your comfort zone. In the mastermind, you tap into the brilliance of the entire group. You will be coached and mentored, seen and heard, by everyone in the group. And you have the chance to contribute your own experience to other members. 

What are my responsibilities?

  • Commit to show up to every call you can, be open, be vulnerable, and to contribute your experience and knowledge for the benefit of others in the group

  • Commit to meet regularly with your accountability partner at a cadence that helps you both meet your goals

  • Commit to do the reflection exercises, read the books, and take action on your commitments 

Is it a closed or open group?

  • We will close the group to new members after the first quarter. That means no new members can enter the group after the first quarter. 

If the group supports me (and I also support others) why should I pay? 

  • Gregg and Elise put considerable time and effort into the content and programming to lead you down the path to your extraordinary life

  • This is an exclusive group of curated members 

  • When you pay your fee, you are showing commitment to your extraordinary life 

  • Triple accountability to finally make an action plan and take action to fulfill your spirit with an extraordinary life